A Comprehensive Review of Bosch Dishwashers

A meal can only be enjoyable if you can put your heart and soul on the plate. The Bosch dishwasher will enable you to worry less about the number of plates and other utensils you use to enjoy your meal best. The machines are quiet and come with an additional utensil loading space which makes it ideal during and after cooking. Additionally, their affordability, stainless steel make, and accommodation of various types of utensils make the Bosch dishwasher models the most popular machines for any kitchen.

All Bosch models share several appealing design features and technologies. First, the Bosch Company incorporates 18 superb sound reducing technologies which makes the machines the most quite in the USA. Secondly, the dishwashers come with up to three flexible racks for loading utensils. Thirdly their designs entail sleek and flush exteriors that borrow immensely from European styling making the Bosch dishwashers not only efficient but aesthetic as well.

Despite them having features that cut across, there are distinct differences between various models to suit many kitchen needs. The pricing of the dishwashers also varies to suit buyers with multiple buying capabilities. In this manner, a review of the Bosch will be prudent if you want to get a clue of what features you might get for a given price. It is a relief to note that the features improve with the increase in the prices of the various models. Thus, you get the value for you money in every model.

Bosch Ascenta SHE3AR75UC – $539

The Ascenta is the cheapest of the Bosch lineup. Its sound release is at 50dBA; it has overflow protection, six wash cycles with two options and a 14 plate capacity. Its door and the exterior material is lighter thus making it ideal for individuals who move the machine around often.

Bosch 300 Series SHS863WD5N – $719

This model improves on the Ascenta in various ways. Its quietness is at 44 dBA; it has six wash cycles with five options and a plate setting capacity of 16. More so, the dishwasher is well protected from leakage and comes with a stainless Steel tub and an adjustable utensil rack.

Bosch 800 Series SHE878WD5N – $859

This unit improves on the 300 series in the following ways. First, it is quiet at 42 dBA. Secondly, it has the Info Light technology that tells you when a wash cycle is ongoing. Further, it comes with a third adjustable rack. Finally, the machine has a stainless front area with hidden controls and scoop handles.

Bosch 800 Series SHXM98W75N – $1,079

Apart from the 16 plate placing capacity, stainless steel, Info Light and leak protection, this 800 series has these additional superb features.

• The quietness of 39dBA.
• Six cycles with six wash options
• Touch control
• 30 minutes Express cycle.
• $99 installation offer

The differences in the Bosch Dishwashers come at the racks, cycles, quietness, and prices. Bosch will give you a better state of quietness, reliability, and affordability unlike other dishwashers in the market. Check for Bosch dishwasher reviews online to get a better understanding of these very capable machines.